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Xsee Xsee

BITcom Xsee is a native Mac OS X image browser and viewer, developed in Cocoa, with a beautyfull Aqua interface. Supporting gif, jpeg, tiff, png, icons and more, full drag and drop interface, built-in tools for renaming files, convert images, create thumbnails. Integrated slide show for viewing images in window or full screen, customizable toolbar, full support for mouse or keyboard navigation and much more. It's freeware and available for Apple Mac OS X only.

BITcom Xsee V2.1.8 (245k)
BITcom Xsee Plug-Ins (332k)

News & Features:
→ Enhanced zooming feature
→ Overlay image for slide show, Mac OS X 10.3 enhancements
→ Faster startup, new scale features
→ Global filter option
→ New full aqua interface
→ Support of Adobe Acrobat PDF page browsing
→ Font tool to manage fonts
→ Label tool to place custom text on images
→ Grab tool to download pictures from a webpage
→ Thumbnail caching in multi-threaded mode
→ Random image option for slide show
→ Scalable thumbnails
→ Image zoom feature, Auto-run slide show
→ Built-in support for iPhoto image library
→ Full size and Thumbnail view
→ Resize, rotate and convert images
→ External Plug-Ins, Applescript support
→ Full integration in Finder, Drag and Drop
→ Batch Processing, full automatic rename
→ Support of GIF, PNG, JPEG and much more

Rename your images

Manage your graphics, pictures and icons. Select file, rename or delete it, directly from the Xsee filebrowser. BITcom Xsee supports newest technologies to enhance the user interface, like autosort, fast preview, editable list views and much more.

Superfast overview

With BITcom Xsee you have always fast access to your images. Simply go to the thumbnail mode of Xsee and you will see all images in folder with a small thumbnail. With a double-click you open the image in full size. A superfast cache speed-up browsing.

From directory to directory

BITcom Xsee provide shortcuts to access directly the own home or pictures folder. Another feature to enhance the handling of files, images and data on your system.

Browse your system

BITcom Xsee ist more than a picture browser. BITcom Xsee is a full filebrowser to check your media files on your computer. With the preferences users can edit filter settings, show or hide hidden files, delete or rename files, and all that with mouse or with the keyboard.

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