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Xnet Xnet

If you are running servers, you need BITcom Xnet in your network. BITcom Xnet monitors local and remote servers and routers, send out alerts if a server is going down, checks services and maximize uptime. It's freeware and available for Apple Mac OS X only.

OS Support:
→ Apple Mac OS X Client and Server

BITcom Xnet V1.4.9 (506k)

Original Screenshot
Custom Status Webimages

Example report of BITcom Xnet:
Webpage Support Example

News & Features:
→ Optional DEBUG mode
→ Integrated IP calculator
→ Enhanced error condition checking
→ Status images to include in own webpages
→ Internal Speech support for alerts
→ Enhanced GUI, display themes, web support
→ Support of non-standard HTTP servers
→ New services: IRC, AFP, Cumulus, MySQL
→ Internal alert sound and bouncing icon
→ Support for SMS to mobile phones
→ Support of user specified services
→ Scans complete networks for services
→ Checks all common services
→ Alerts with display, sounds or email
→ Runs full automatic
→ Supports unlimited count of servers
Xnet Statusmessage:

Xnet Statusimage

Above you see a example of the Xnet web support. You can easily add to your own webpages current status images of Xnet, to provide yourself, your customers and employees with important information about network health and server status.

Check your services

BITcom Xnet supports all common services used on the internet, like HTTP, FTP, Telnet, Whois, POP3, AFP and more. With an easy-to-use interface you can set which servers and services should be monitored and BITcom Xnet will do the rest. Support of unlimited servers, statistics and more.

Alerts everywhere

If you use BITcom Xnet, alerting is simple. BITcom Xnet supports local display and sounds to alert or can send out emails around the world to the responsible administrators. All full automatic of course. And if something is realy urgent, BITcom Xnet also support sending SMS to pagers and mobile phones! And if you wish, BITcom Xnet will inform you also, if the server is running again.

Full Web support

BITcom Xnet includes different ways to send out alerts, but with the intergrated web support, you can also check yourself the status of the different servers. BITcom Xnet makes it realy easy, simply enable web support and instantly BITcom Xnet creates reports, which can be accessed from around the world.

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