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Do you own confidential or secret data for your company, army or organisation on your Macintosh? Get BITcom Xclean and protect yourself now. BITcom Xclean is a disk cleaning utility to shred deleted files from your disk images by a special military grade method. With BITcom Xclean, no Spyware or unfriendly people can restore deleted files! It's freeware and available for Apple Mac OS X only.

BITcom Xclean
BITcom Xclean V1.4.9 (47k)

News & Features:
→ Support for Mozilla Firefox
→ Instant shredding for trash
→ Added Ultimate Cleaning Level
→ Support for Mozilla Camino
→ Highly optimized Option only mode
→ New enhanced Extreme Clean mode
→ Support for Apple Safari
→ Instant shredding by drag & drop
→ Clean Caches and temporary files

Military Grade Protected

BITcom Xclean supports the common international military standards for multiple disk cleaning to remove confidential datas from volumes on Mac OS X. With this technology, BITcom Xclean conforms to the information technology guideline of the Swiss Army for top class privacy protection. On request we offer code samples or complete source code to verify this statements.

Drag & Drop Shredder

As an additional feature to remove secret documents, BITcom Xclean support drag & drop to shred datas. Simply drag file or folder to the BITcom Xclean icon and the datas will be removed securely.

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