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Smiley! Smiley!

With BITcom Smiley! you master all Smilies and acronyms in Emails, chat rooms or web sites. This enhanced version of the widely-used freeSmiley software offers enhanced database (more than 180 entries), full search and find of smilies and the all new Smiley Creator to create smilies in seconds. It's freeware and available for Apple Mac OS X only.

Version: 1.7.0
Size: 59k

Original Screenshot

→ Large database with more than 180 entries
→ Copy smiley with Copy & Paste
→ Easy to use interface, supporting mouse and keyboard
→ and much more ...

Fast overview

With the fast overview feature of Smiley! Pro you will find the right smiley or acronym in just a second. Choose the prefered topic, and full content of the database will be listed. With Copy & Paste you can use all the smilies and acronyms for other applications.:

→ 150 Smilies
→ 36 Acronyms
Unknown smiley

You found a new smiley and have no idea what's the meaning of it? No problem, mark object, put into the pasteboard and change to Smiley! Pro. There you press the check button and Smiley! Pro will check the database and deliver you the meaning of the Smiley or acronym.
Search database

Too much smilies and no idea which one is the right? No problem, use the new Smiley! Pro search feature, enter your search keyword and press the search button. Smiley! Pro will list all entries in the database which are equal with your search. Copy & Paste the result for processing in other applications.
Smiley Coder

With the new integrated Smiley Coder you can create smilies in seconds. Use slider to choose which part of the smiley you want to change, add or delete a character and finish your work for complete smiley. Only possible characters for every part of the smiley will be displayed. Fastest and easiest way to create smilies. It's your turn now!

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